Refund Policy


Dosa Dhaba Online may change these policies periodically when required, so check this website to stay informed of any updates. This policy is effective as of October 2020


Although the products sold through the Dosa Dhaba participating websites are owned by the individual retailers, Dosa Dhaba is the responsible party for the collection of payment.

Payment is collected through credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), PayPal and other internet based payment gateways.

There are no trailing fees, membership or other, for any products purchased through the Dosa Dhaba Online retailer websites. The total payment amount is clearly displayed upon the final confirmation screens before placing an order. If you are unhappy with the total payment amount, then please do not confirm the order.

Once orders have been placed and paid for, they are transmitted through the internet to the requested retailer. Orders are then printed and processed by the Retailer. There is no ability to cancel an order once it has been placed.

Order and payment receipt information is displayed on the final page of the website during the order process and is also emailed through to the supplied email address.

The last 4 digits of credit card numbers are stored in our secure databases for archive and reference information. The remaining information is destroyed immediately after payment has been approved.


In accordance with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and under the Trade Practices Act 1974 you may seek a refund if goods:

  • are or become faulty through no fault of your own
  • are not fit for a stated purpose or a purpose you made known via the internet to the staff
  • don't match the description
  • are contaminated or have defects that were not obvious or were not brought to your attention.

However, the restaurant/takeaway food establishment must be made aware of any transgression within a reasonable period, preferably on the day/night. You may be asked for proof of purchase and may also be asked to demonstrate that the problem with the goods was not of your making.

The retailer, if in agreement with the reasons for the refund, will then request a refund with Dosa Dhaba Online for the particular order number. Dosa Dhaba Online will then process the refund within one week.


To the extent permitted by the law, the liability to any product purchased through participating Dosa Dhaba Online websites are that of the corresponding retailer. Dosa Dhaba Online assumes no liability for any products purchased through our service.